CYT Phoenix Commitment to Safety

We believe that CYT Phoenix can be truly safe only when every student is assured a safe community without fear of harassment for any reason including: differing religious views, race, orientation or identity, nationality and physical and/or mental differences.  Harassment, whether in-person or via social media and other online mediums will not be tolerated.  We promote an environment of safe, non-judgmental and healthy relationships.

Together, we are responsible for maintaining a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive and, most importantly, safe environment for ALL students and families in our CYT Phoenix community.  All Office Staff, Teaching Artists, Artistic Team Members and Volunteers are interviewed, extensively background checked through a National Search with a continual 3 year monitoring and undergo Child Abuse Protection Training with Certification.  They are also Mandated Reporters, required by law to report any suspicion of abuse to a child protective agency.

We, as a national organization, have also partnered with Kidpower in an effort to train our staff, volunteers and students of all ages, teaching skills for strong relationships and the prevention of harm.  This training is on-going.

We also encourage you to report any concerns that you may have regarding the safety or well-being of students, staff or families of CYT Phoenix at the bottom of this page in our Community Feedback Form or directly to the appropriate agency in the resources below.

CYT Safety Statement

Explore our national site for training resources, programs, and best practices for staff members, volunteers, parents, and students.

In 2021, an independent board of directors was vetted and voted on by the leadership of all CYT branches to assume responsibility for the organization’s governance.  A key priority for the new board was the development of a comprehensive safety system that includes the programs, training, and resources available on this page. The Safety Scene program goes well beyond background checks in it's work to prevent, detect and respond to physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse in CYT programming.  The Safety Scene is currently active and available to all CYT branches across the country.

Any act of abuse is unacceptable and stands counter to CYT’s beliefs. CYT is committed to maintaining a community where all participants can work and learn together free of harassment, misconduct or abuse of any kind, including verbal, emotional, physical and sexual.

CYT Safety Rules

3 Rules
Recognize inappropriate behavior & boundaries
Resist any inappropriate behavior
Report any inappropriate behavior

6 Boundaries
1. Modesty at all times
2. No "1 on 1" when others are not present
3. Use appropriate talk & not inappropriate talk
4. Use appropriate touch & not inappropriate touch
5. Zero tolerance for bullying
6. Your space is your territory

The National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.  The hotline offers crisis intervention, information, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources. All calls, texts, and chats are confidential.

A toll-free telephone number (1-855-222-0283) and website have been set up for any local CYT participants, volunteers, or employees to report concerns. This confidential number and website is staffed by a third-party firm and will report any concerns to the CYT Inc Staff and Board of Directors.
CYT is passionate and committed to supporting, sustaining, and encouraging a safe, creative community where all are welcome, seen, and valued. All those participating at CYT are charged to hold to their personal convictions while simultaneously demonstrating grace and compassion to ALL they encounter, regardless of religious or political differences.

CYT is an educational nonprofit not associated with any specific church or denomination. All are welcomed and encouraged to participate and are not required to adopt any specific religious beliefs.

CYT is committed to creative and diverse programming, the continued development of practices and strategies that serve many unique needs, and the continued improvement and expansion of diversity in and for the CYT community.


What is Kidpower?
CYT cares deeply for child safety. We want to make sure that CYT is as safe for students and families as possible, but we would be remiss if we didn’t consider the implications of child safety and the work we do one step further. We know that at CYT, students are afforded the opportunities to grow in areas of character and confidence both on and off the stage. Why wouldn’t we use that as a springboard to give them life-skills that will serve and protect them within our walls and as they leave us? That is where Kidpower comes in.

The organization “Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International” responded to the demand for “People Safety” education to protect people of all ages and abilities from bullying, harassment, sexual abuse, abduction, and other emotional and physical violence – and to empower them with skills. They go by the name “Kidpower” for short, providing education and skills to people who are kids or who used to be kids, or as we might say “kids of all ages.” CYT has partnered with Kidpower in order to bring this education to leaders, students, and families in all the CYT branches, and we pray that it is not only useful and effective, but fun!
CYT understands that child safety within our organization needs to be multi-leveled and rest on a solid baseline of employee and volunteer training and background checking.  We have contracted with the leading industry company, Protect My Ministry, to assure that all CYT employees and volunteers across the country go through a thorough background check and complete child sexual abuse awareness training. 

Suicide Prevention

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255.

For more resources regarding suicide prevention please click HERE