"SpongeBob" Audition Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

8/11 - 6:00PM - Dance Call for all auditionees
8/11 - 7:30-9:30PM - Vocal/Acting Audition Appointments
8/12 - 9:00-11:30AM - Vocal/Acting Audition Appointments
8/12 - 1:00-7:00PM - Callbacks

Note:  Callbacks are for a small group of characters and not receiving a callback does not necessarily mean that a student is not going to be cast in the show.

Auditions are in groups of 6-8 kids.  Parents are not allowed in the audition room.  

SpongeBob Call Backs & Schedule

Sides can be found below list of those called back! 
1:20 – 1:50 Tap Call
1:50 – 2:20 Mayor/Patchy/Narrator - Read
2:20 – 2:50 Perch – Sing/Read
2:50 – 3:20 Squidward – Sing/Read
3:20 – 3:50 Pearl/Krabs – Read
3:50 – 4:10 Pearl – Sing
4:10 – 4:30 Krabs – Sing
4:30 – 4:50 Plankton - Sing
4:50 – 5:10 - Plankton/Karen – Read
5:10 – 5:30 Sandy/Karen – Sing
5:30 – 6:10 Sandy/SpongeBob/Patrick – Read/Sing
6:10 – 6:30 SpongeBob/Patrick Read
6:30 – 6:50 Patrick – Sing
6:50 – 7:10 SpongeBob – Sing

Audition Dance Video and Acting/Vocal Callback Material


A callbacks schedule will be posted in the studio and here around noon on the day of auditions, after all auditions are complete. Be prepared to stay for the entire scheduled callback time. We will release students as they are finished.

If you are not asked back for callbacks, don’t worry–you may still be in the show–it just means the directors don't need to see you again prior to casting.  Watch your email for the cast list.

Reminder: Once you are cast in the show it is very important to continue attending your weekly CYT Class. Students who miss more than (2) classes may be dropped from the show.  Students who audition for a MainStage show are not eligible for a tuition refund if they choose not to continue with their CYT Class.

How to Sign Up

Enrollment in CYT classes provides students (ages 8-18) the opportunity to audition for CYT Phoenix's current session main stage production. As you are registering for your class this session, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for an audition. At that point, you may request any of the open time slots. If you do not wish to sign up at that moment, you can log in to your family account later and request an audition time slot then.

Audition Time Slots

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your assigned audition time slot so that we can keep the audition process on time.  

When your group is called, you will be escorted into the audition studio by the stage manager. Each student will be called individually before the Artistic Team while their group respectfully observes. Each student will deliver their 1 min or less monologue and sing a 1 min section of a song. Please have your child bring a track in (youtube etc) to sing with. 

**Please note**
Parents will not be permitted in the audition studio. While your child is auditioning, you will be given further information about the show and family responsibilities.

Chose your audition slot and filled out the audition form? Next step: Fill out these two forms:

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Parent Committee Choice

Parent Committees are absolutely vital to the success of any CYT Phoenix production! Please fill out the following interest form so we may place you on the best team for you!

Costume Form

Please fill out our costuming and measurement forms BEFORE auditioning. 

Signup for TECH Crew

Some family members choose to serve during "Tech Week." Tech week crews work all of the technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances. Some crews are open to students ages 14+ and others are available for adults. 
Tech week crews include 
  • Hair & Make-Up Team
  • Green Room Supervisors
  • Wardrobe Crew
  • Props & Sets Crew
  • Spotlight Operators
  • Camera Operators
  • Light Board Operators
  • Sound Cue Operators
  • Audio Engineer & Mic Assistants
To serve on these crews, both parents and students must fill out a crew application and commit to the full tech week and run of the shows. 

General Information

Being cast in a CYT production is a commitment of both the CAST MEMBER and their FAMILY. Please read through ALL information including the Audition Packet and the Conflict Sheet in order to make the best decision as to whether to audition. 
  • Rehearsals for the production for the majority of the cast are Fridays (6-9pm) and Saturdays (12-5pm) and some Mondays (6-9)
  • Additional rehearsals may be held during the week for lead and supporting characters.
  • Conflicts should be indicated on the Conflict Sheet at the time of the audition.
  • Additional conflicts may not be accommodated and could result in a cast member being removed. 
  • 2 unexcused absence from rehearsals or performances will result in a cast member being removed. 
  • All families in the production are required to volunteer 20 hours on a parent committee, attend two Mandatory Parent Meetings, and pay the Mandatory Production Fee.


What if I have a conflict for the audition date/callbacks?
We will accept video auditions via email up through the day before physical auditions. This video audition should show you at your full height, and include your one-minute vocal selection and one-minute monologue (if applicable). If you are not able to attend callbacks, you are still eligible to be cast in the show, but whether or not to consider you for a lead role is at the directors’ discretion.

Can I sing anything I want for my audition?
Students should choose vocal selections that are suited to their vocal range, and we ask that their lyrics be “family-friendly.” Songs in the Musical Theater genre are preferred. In general, singing pop/rock/rap songs for auditions is discouraged unless our current production features those genres heavily.

Can I sing a song for my audition even if I’ve already used it for a CYT audition?
Students should perform the song and monologue that highlights their strengths the best and fits the show in question, even if we’ve heard it previously. Students should be building an audition book with song cuts and monologues they can pull from for all varieties of auditions.

What is a “cold read?”
A cold read is a short page of dialogue that you haven’t seen before. It’s read on the spot with a member of the Artistic Team so we can get an idea of your speaking voice if you haven’t done a monologue.  

Where can I find good music tracks and monologues?
YouTube, Amazon Digital Music, and iTunes are all places to find good audition tracks. Monologues can be found online through various Google searches, or you can pull a speech from one of your favorite books, plays, or movies. Please keep all lyrics and dialogue “family-friendly” and remember your one-minute time limit.

Why aren’t parents allowed to view the auditions?
Many times, having parents in the room for auditions causes additional anxiety for our students, whether it is their parent or someone else’s. Parents should support their students leading up to auditions by helping them select appropriate materials and encouraging practice and memorization. Once it’s time to go before the Artistic Team, students are called in groups of up to eight people and serve as encouragement and support for one another while in the audition studio. 

Will everyone who auditions be cast?
The number of cast members selected by the artistic team will vary from show to show and session to session.  Our goal is to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to experience our MainStage program.  To maintain the best overall show experience for cast members, artistic teams and volunteers as well as meet safety requirements in our venues, CYT may choose to limit the cast size of shows.  AN AUDITION DOES NOT GUARANTEE CASTING.