Session: Spring 2024
Chapter:  Phoenix
Location:  CYT Studio
Time:  6:00pm - 8:00pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  02/20
Ages:  8 - 13
Tuition:  $220.00


Step into the enchanting world of musical theater dance with our "Step In Time Dance" class, specially crafted for aspiring dancers aged 8-13!

This dynamic class is designed for newer dancers eager to explore the fundamentals of dance and performance within the magical realm of musical theater. Led by experienced instructor, your child will embark on a delightful journey, learning essential dance techniques and building a strong foundation for musical theater dance.

Throughout the course, participants will discover the joy of movement, rhythm, and expression. From basic steps to choreography inspired by beloved musicals, "Step In Time Dance" focuses on building confidence, coordination, and a love for the art of dance.

Perfect for beginners, this class offers a supportive and inclusive environment where young dancers can develop their skills while having a blast. Whether they dream of gracing Broadway stages or simply want to embrace the magic of movement, "Step In Time Dance" is the perfect stepping stone.

Join us for a toe-tapping adventure where every dance step is a journey into the world of musical theater. Enroll now to ensure your child takes the first joyful steps toward becoming a confident and expressive dancer!
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Jenny Lynne

Dance to express not impress. The best thing you can be is kind. Expect nothing, be grateful for everything.


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