Session: Spring 2023
Chapter:  Phoenix
Location:  CYT Studio
Time:  4:00pm - 5:50pm
Day:  Wednesday
Starts:  02/22
Ages:  10-18
Tuition:  $220.00


Bring on the POWER OF THE PEN!
Students will explore the incredibly creative world of playwriting in this class, and have the opportunity to perform portions of each other's compositions.  Areas to be covered in class include:
  • What is a play? Through the exploration of provided texts students will discover what makes playwriting unique from other forms of creative writing.
  • Dialogue. Students will learn how to write character-specific dialogue that keeps audiences engaged.
  • Conflict. Students will understand the importance of raising the stakes and how to use conflict in a way that builds interesting scenes.
  • Plot Sequencing. Students will learn how to use a plot diagram to chart out the world of a play.
  • Creating a Character. Students will learn the 8 W’s of character development, then create an original character.
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13832 N 32nd St, E162, Phoenix, AZ 85032