Session: Spring 2024
Chapter:  Phoenix
Location:  CYT Studio
Time:  4:00pm - 6:00pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  02/20
Ages:  12 - 18
Tuition:  $220.00
Open Spots:  1


Embark on a captivating journey of self-expression and storytelling through movement in our Teen Performative Dance Class!
Unleash your inner artist as we dive beyond the physical aspects of dance and delve into the transformative power of storytelling through movement. This class is not just about perfecting steps; it's about discovering the unique narrative you can weave with your body.
In this dynamic and engaging course, teens will explore various dance styles while honing their ability to convey emotion, character, and story through every step, twirl, and leap. Our amazing instructor will guide students in unlocking the incredible potential of their bodies as a canvas for creative expression.
Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting out, this class is designed to inspire and challenge you. Develop a deeper understanding of how movement can communicate emotions, tell a story, and captivate an audience. Each class promises to be an immersive experience where dance becomes a language of its own.
Why settle for just dance when you can tell a story with every move? Join us  and let the rhythm of your heart resonate in the stories you create on the dance floor. Uncover the storyteller in you – it's time to dance beyond boundaries! Enroll now for a journey of artistic discovery like never before.
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Jenny Lynne

Dance to express not impress. The best thing you can be is kind. Expect nothing, be grateful for everything.


13832 N 32nd St, E162, Phoenix, AZ 85032